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– Estimated reading time: 6 minutes – How do you get the perfect decoration for your corporate party or other business event. And why are we the best choice to help you with corporate party decoration & event styling? Read on quickly.

Transform your event - achieve pride, team spirit and experience

Decoration for a company party, staff party, congress, exhibition stand, customer day, company opening or company reception? A small decoration or decorating an entire congress or party hall. You are looking for a unique way to stylishly dress up your company party or event. We believe that the right decoration not only adds a visual aspect, but also plays a crucial role in achieving your goals.

With us, event styling is more than just dressing and decorating. We give you:
2 decisive tips for business event decoration &
12 general tips on dressing for your corporate event
With these 14 points, you can create a special event with or without our help.

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Decoration & event styling: 2 decisive tips

TIP 1 - Tailor-made professional event styling

When outsourcing the decoration for your event, it is crucial to look beyond a supplier who delivers and puts together individual decoration pieces. Ask about the styling concept and, for example, examples of previous work and assess whether the company does not just place (thematic) items, but actually provides professional atmosphere-enhancing styling. It should be stylish and fit your branding or other purpose.

herefore, look at how they transformed the space, what atmosphere they created and how they handled the details. A professional decoration company will be able to bring your vision to life and provide a complete styling experience entirely on your requirements, which goes beyond decorating and dressing up a space.

By choosing a company that focuses on creating a total experience, you can be sure that your company party, staff party or other event will be a memorable and meaningful event. Which will be etched in guests' minds for a long time to come. Of course, it is important here that decoration can be custom designed and made for you where necessary. This ensures that your company and/or message is properly communicated.

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TIP 2 - Phased ‘wow effects’ & interaction at your corporate event

Creating a "wow effect" in stages is all about gradually building excitement and expectations throughout an event. This is achieved by starting decoration styling from the entrance, which should make the important first impression, to other areas of the event.

It is essential to place the right eye catchers in each room, matching the purpose of the event, and complementing them with the right amount of details. Especially for large spaces with more than 400 people, it is advisable to give each part of the room its own twist so that the decoration does not blend into the whole.

Interactive elements such as a styled photobooth with event-tailored photo layers and filters can enhance interaction and experience. A fully decorated popcorn stand also remains popular with adults.

Social gathering places require the right atmosphere to function optimally, as this is where a large part of the memories are made. When leaving the event, the tiered styling can be continued by providing an appropriate thank-you gift, tailored to the event, which helps maximise impact and lasting memories.

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12 general tips on event decoration (corporate parties, staff parties, get-togethers, openings and conferences)

Theme decoration

1.            Theme and Concept: Choose a theme that suits the occasion and the company's culture. A well-chosen theme creates cohesion in the decoration and creates a memorable experience for guests. Choose the space first and then the decoration.

Styling with colours

2.            Colour scheme: Decide on an appropriate colour scheme that matches the company's theme and branding. Consistent colours give a sense of consistency and professionalism to the decoration.

Decoration & space

3.            Balance between Decoration and Space: Ensure a good balance between decorative elements and the available space. Excess can be overwhelming, while too little decoration can undermine the atmosphere. Create the right viewing lines by enhancing or breaking them. Make sure the space remains visually appealing even when it is completely filled with people. Decoration below shoulder height (1.50m) will be less eye-catching.

Ambience & accent lighting

4.            Lighting: Lighting: Lighting is essential for creating the right atmosphere. Use different types of lighting, such as mood lighting, accent lighting and functional lighting, to transform the room and achieve the desired ambiance.

Centrale focal points

5.            Centrale Focal Points: Create central eye-catchers in the room, such as an impressive entrance, an eye-catching bar or fun backdrop for photos. These points attract attention and serve as conversation starters for guests.

Appreciation of details

6.            Attention to Details: Pay attention to small details such as table decorations, floral arrangements, and personalised touches. It is these details that make all the difference and give guests a sense of appreciation.

unctionele decoratie

7.            Functional Decoration: Combine aesthetics with functionality by incorporating decorative elements that also have practical uses, such as seating/lounge areas or signage directing guests to different activities.

Interactive elements

8.            Interactive Elements: Add interactive elements to the decoration to increase guest engagement. Think games, photobooths, of interactieve installaties die zorgen voor een speelse en dynamische sfeer. Ook een uitstekend middel bij klant- & merkactivatie.

Seasonal decoration

9.            Seasonal Decoration: Make use of seasonal decoration to add an extra festive touch to the party. Whether it is Christmas decorations, summer accents or autumn colours, seasonal decoration adds an extra layer of cosiness to the event.

Sustainable decoration

10.          Sustainable Options: Consider sustainable decoration options, such as reusable materials, biodegradable decorations, or decorations you want to keep or reusable for the vendor to reduce the event's carbon footprint and send a positive message.


11.          Branding Integration: Subtly integrate the company's branding into the decoration. This can range from using company colours and logos to including brand-related elements in the decoration.


12.          Flexibility and AdaptabilityBe flexible and adapt the decoration based on the needs and progress of the event. Remain open to last-minute changes and ensure that the decoration offers guests a seamless and enjoyable experience.

By applying these tips, you can create a corporate or staff party that is not only visually impressive, but also leaves a lasting impression on guests.

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Experienced event stylist Shakira will personally take care of the decoration & styling of your corporate party or other business event down to the smallest details, with a keen eye for your needs and a creative approach guaranteed to result in a stunning and memorable event.

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