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backdrop with layers of white wings and light give a beautiful image. balloons in the background and column in front of it with cake tray.
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A wonderful way to make your festive moment extra special is to hire a backdrop. With a backdrop, you create a unique and atmospheric backdrop that perfectly suits your event. Whether you are organising a birthday party, wedding, baby shower or any other celebration, a rented backdrop instantly adds a touch of magic to your decoration.

We have various styles, colours and designs available, and regularly create customised backdrops. So you can almost always find your perfect backdrop to match your theme and taste with us. Choose convenience and a professional high-end look by renting a backdrop from us in combination with our party styling service for your festive moment. By adding some items to your backdrop such as a light figure, nameplate, or some themed items, your party will suddenly become an unforgettable experience.

We deliver a luxurious & complete decoration so it's not individual items, but a truly styled atmospheric experience. We come to deliver, build, style and take down afterwards. You can save time and stress and enjoy your party moment.

Some backdrop examples complemented by personal and or themed items:

Backdrop for photo - create perfect photo moments

photo opportunity is a special part of any celebration. Do you want your photos to stand out and form a lasting memory? Then a backdrop is an absolute must-have. With a specially designed backdrop, you create the perfect backdrop for photos. It adds a touch of personality and style to your photos, making them stand out and memorable. Whether you have an elegant wedding, a happy children's themed party or an intimate baby shower, a backdrop for your photo opportunity will ensure that every photo shines and captures the emotion of the moment.

Backdrop ideas - from stock items to tailor-made

From colourful balloon backdrops, luxurious shimmer wall / sequin wall, various types of arches, ribbed backdrops, velvet backdrop, romantic floral wall, specific theme design backdrops, grass wall, pampus grass, drip & drape, etc cetera, the possibilities are endless. You can also opt for a personalised backdrop with name, initials or your own photo. The photo can also be designed in cartoon or other style if desired. Other great ideas are the use of thematic elements. We include the backdrop in the overall styling of your party to make it an unforgettable experience.

For example, do you want a welcome sign, styled tables and styled items for children's entertainment (popcorn stall, bouncy castle, bubble house etc)? No problem, we will also provide those styled in theme.

decoration backdrop for hire. Beautifully curved ribbed backdrop light pink with white and soft pink roses. Cherry blossom, 3d arch and light number 1. The golden nameplate make it personal. Beautiful fairy tale atmosphere.

Backdrop per occasion

Every occasion deserves a special backdrop that reflects the mood and theme of the event. Whether it is a kids partya weddinga babyshower or a birthday, a suitable backdrop can create the perfect ambiance. For a children's party, for instance, you can opt for a colourful and playful backdrop with cheerful figures or thematic decorations that will spark the children's imagination. A wedding may require an elegant backdrop with romantic flowers and sophisticated details to emphasise the love and beauty of the day. For a baby shower, you can opt for a soft and cute backdrop with pastel colours and cute elements celebrating the upcoming baby. For a birthday, you can create a backdrop that reflects the personality of the birthday boy or girl.

Beautiful wedding decoration for ceremony. White carpet and luxurious white lounge chairs and large ring decorated with pampus grass.

Moreover, for other parties such as anniversaries, christenings, staff parties, graduation parties, housewarmings or themed parties, you can customise the backdrop to suit the specific theme or occasion. Think tropical backdrops for a summer party, glamorous decors for a cocktail party, or even futuristic designs for a futuristic theme. Most importantly, the backdrop should create the right atmosphere and ambiance to suit the occasion and the preferences of the host or hostess. Depending on the space, a backdrop alone is often (just) not enough to create an overall mood experience that will amaze you and your guests. With our experience, large stock of items, option to customise items and some suppliers we work with, we can achieve this mood experience.

or go for a tailor-made package


Making your own backdrop

Don't have the budget for a high-end ambience experience? If you have a creative mind and would like to add a personal touch to your party moment, consider making your own backdrop. Making your own backdrop offers endless opportunities to express your creativity and make your party unique. You can use different materials, such as fabrics, paper, flowers, balloons, or even recycled objects to create a beautiful and original backdrop. There are countless tutorials and inspirations available online to guide you in creating your own backdrop. Whether it is a simple DIY backdrop or a more complex design, the process of creating your own backdrop can be a fun and rewarding experience. Be creative, experiment and let your personality shine by creating a unique backdrop that makes your celebratory moment special.

Prefer to outsource everything and rent items (also nice and sustainable!)? Then submit your request without obligation. Please note, we take on max 1 or 2 assignments per day. Make sure you book your desired day in time.

What our customers say about our decoration & party styling service

Family Lakap made their moment special by hiring our decoration. Lifelike Spiderman decoration with backdrops, life-size Spiderman, balloons, light figure and more. An experience for Ilay's 6th birthday.

"The decoration is really next level and with top service"

Kimberly Ofori review Fancy Day Design feest decoratie huren

"Extremely well executed creative ideas that look and feel beyond expectations. Very professional, friendly and approachable. One of the best experiences I have had so far! Highly recommended."

Success guaranteed

Party stylist Shakira personally ensures that the backdrop with styling takes the ambience of your party moment to unprecedented heights

experienced party stylist Amsterdam Netherlands Shakira

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"A special moment deserves a Fancy Day Design".


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